• Kohlefaserkomponenten auf höchstem Niveau


Motorsport has been at the core of our business since our foundation in 1993. With more than two decades of experience, we have created partnerships with many manufacturers and teams around the world – right through to the highest racing classes. We develop and manufacture structural and aerodynamic parts for them, as well as safety-related, highly complex components for the powertrain.

The flexibility required in motorsport is just as obvious to us as cooperative partnership. We advise our customers on the realisation of complex components, such as oil tanks for Formula 1, or on the selection of the right production process. With a whole range of components, we have already achieved considerable savings by using the pre-preg pressing process.

Today you will find our components in GT, touring and rally sports racing cars and, of course, in the elite classes Formula 1 and Le Mans.

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